Friday, February 6, 2015

Spring Quilt

Here is another one of my not so favorite fabrics.  Are you getting tired of them yet?  In person, this fabric is rather dull.  But I perked it up with some happy spring colors!

The pattern for the block can be found here.

The green sashing and yellow cornerstones give it even more of spring feel.   

I feel like I've got the hang of using "not so favorite" fabric.  I have 4 more pieces in the closet.  2 of them seem to be more challenging than the others.  I left them on the shelf!  My next challenge is to use the other 2 in more modern quilts.

Still following the rule of using all the remaining fabric on the back.

Have a great sewing weekend!


  1. This turned out darling. You are doing so good at using unloved fabric. But I am positive that this quilt will be loved by whoever is lucky enough to receive it.

  2. Maybe the flower fabric is a bit dated but no way is this quilt dull. The star blocks are perfect. The fabrics you choose to use with the flower print work really well together.

  3. I actually like this fabric! And your quilt turned out great!

  4. Your quilt is very lovely and will be super loved by someone!

  5. I love flowery fabric and the one you used is quite beautiful. Choosing the green for the sashing was very clever, I find. The green brings out the little leaves.


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