Friday, January 20, 2017

Jelly Roll Wave

50 x 60

This is Myra's new pattern called Jelly Roll Wave.  It's a fun one to sew because of the different ways you can put it together.  You can see more options on Myra's blog Busy Hands Quilts.  I chose to quilt mine with things that reminded me of the ocean.

Wavy lines on the prints traveling up and down, pebbles on the sides and swirls in the centers.  I have to say that swirls are a bit of a weak spot in my quilting repertoire, especially these big ones. 

I do love the look on the back. The wavy quilting reminds me of an old clam shell shaped basket I used to have in my bathroom.

You can find Myra's pattern in her Crafty Shop. Stop by Myra's blog to see four more versions of this quilt. Her's look completely different than mine, so I know you're going to want to go look!


  1. The quilting accentuates the quilt perfectly!

  2. Very pretty, I like how your swirls show up so good!

  3. It looks lovely. I lov to see you experimenting with FMQ designs. The theme/collection look really good together.

  4. Oh that's really clever - I love the back even more than the front - a definite double A side!

  5. Love your quilt! The fabrics really make it special. Your quilting is WAY better than mine!


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