Monday, January 9, 2017

Rainbow Bargello Lap Size

First I want share a link to How to Track Your Fabric Yardage which was shared by Jeni of In Color Order today. She wrote a great article on the how's and why's of keeping track of your fabric.  I started keeping track last year.  I want to encourage all of you to start keeping track this year!

60 x 72

This is a reduced size of the rainbow bargello quilt I made here and here.  I love it in a lap size.  Not only did I reduce the number of strips to 36 and remove 3 columns, I also changed the way the tubes were ironed so I could skip the pinning process.  Score!  It worked great, and the quilt comes together so much faster.

I ironed the first set up towards the brown and the second set down away from the brown.  Then all you have to do is cut the odd number strips from the first tube, and the even number stips from the second tube. Now they will nest nicely when you sew the columns together.

My new favorite backing color is gray with a touch of color.  This one, of course, had to have a rainbow!


  1. Such a beautiful quilt, and what a great idea to make a smaller size! I'm off to read that link since this year is the beginning of keeping track of fabric!

  2. I do like the way this looks in the smaller size. Great job! When I made my color wash quilt they had me number each fabric. I pressed towards the odd numbers on both sides (always away from the evens). That way the seams always nested and I didn't pin anything. Really helpful when there are more than 2,700 squares! Having two different sets pressed opposite ways is also a good idea. Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Another beauty. That back is Oh so yummy!

  4. I love it! You've inspired me to make one of my own someday. I went back and checked out the tutorial you linked to on one of your other posts. I'm curious - did you use 36 strips from just one jelly roll or did you use 36 sets of identical strips from two jelly rolls? Thanks - I love this size. 😊

    1. I just went back and reread - I think I understand now what you mean when you said you ironed one set one way and one set the other way (GENIUS, by the way!). Just wanted to be sure. 😃


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