Thursday, March 23, 2017

Butterfly Baby Quilt

 40 x 44

I loved this pattern so much, I made another one in these fun butterfly prints. You can see the first one here.  I had enough prints for this one, so I didn't rearrange or change anything but the size.

Same back and forth quilting in the inside sashing, but I did small loopy meandering on the blocks.

For the border, I did some e's and l's.  I had trouble trying to quilt sideways, so I had to turn the quilt to finishe the borders.

You can see my hand wobbles at times, but I think the overall look is still wonderful and the texture is great!

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  1. Your quilting looks just fine. Pretty quilt.

  2. Absolutely love this and want one for myself LOL! Fantastic fabric choices!

  3. I don't see wobbles. I see a darling quilt with great texture. I think I sometimes look too closely at my quilting and have to tell myself to step farther back. :)


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