Friday, March 17, 2017

Stars Over Scott in Purple and Green

60 x 70

This quilt is made from a free pattern called Stars Over Scott.  I made mine with a 5" HST and took off the borders so the quilt would be smaller. This is my favorite of the three star quilts I made with the purple and green floral prints.  The first two can be found here and here.

Instead of using a solid for the background, I chose this white on white print. I like the subtle texture and old timey feel it gives to the quilt.

 My goal was to use up all of the purple floral prints and was able to get rid of the last two on the back of this quilt. I reached my goal! All that is left is some scraps which will end up in the scrap bin.


  1. What a beauty! I love all of the different prints that you used. :)

  2. That is so cute. It is amazing what you can do with HST. I love the layout. Good job using the florals.

  3. Love LOVE those colors combination!!!!!

  4. Super pretty! I love the backing too.

  5. Found your beautiful version last night while showing my son Scott the number of quilters who have used his namesake pattern. Thank you so much for the credit and link! It really means a lot.


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