Friday, January 5, 2018

Regatta QAL - Fabrics

The Regatta QAL has started and I'm moving a bit slow. Not my usual speed!  Good thing there is no dates set for completion. I like this pattern so much, I decided to make two. Maybe I shouldn't since I seem to be so busy at the moment, but they will get done!

First is my favorite in shades of gray blues and greens. I loved the original Regatta quilt made by Daniela at Block M Quilt so I decided to make one with all the shades of Kona that I could find. Hope it turns out as good as hers!

For the second one, I wanted something more colorful. But I had said I wouldn't do a rainbow...
This one reminds me of spring on a cloudy day. A half a rainbow isn't really a rainbow, right? Plus is will be fun to see this quilt with a different background color.

I am excited to get my cutting finished so I can get to sewing, but it's on the sidelines until next week.  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone's fabric selections. Such a great idea Roseanne!


  1. I like the fabrics for both quilts. These are both going to be very pretty.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    You overachiever, you! JK! WOW - I love, love, LOVE these colors - both of them. Oooh, I know the blue/greens will be gorgeous, but the bright yellow/orange/red/green . . . now that might just be my favorite. Reminiscent of a certain postcard quilt that is awaiting me to get my act together. I truly cannot wait to see these! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Great fabric/color choices. Sounds like a fun qal with a pretty pattern


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