Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Postcard from Sweden Quilt Along

You  may be surprised to see me participating in the Postcard Quilt Along since I just finished two twin quilts in this pattern. But for the quilt along I am making a king sized postcard quilt!

I use the accuquilt to cut my triangles. In this case the 6" HTS die. They are laid out on the table in order by number. My little secret is that my kids help me pair up the squares as I sew them and they get placed on the design wall. The process goes so much faster with their help.

Here we've started laying them out. I plan on making a few changes once they are all up on the wall.
It's nice to have 3 boards now on my wall so that a king size quilt will fit up there.

Hop on over to see what others are doing for the Postcard from Sweden Quilt Along.


  1. What a stunning wall of colour and you are so mega organised too. I’m so far behind but hey, I still have time to catch up, I think.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    Ooh, those triangles look so darn pretty up there. WOW - your design wall is huge and just perfect for this application. Ah ha! The secret is your amazing quilt holders - dual jobs they have! This looks beautiful - how do you decide what needs to be moved around? It all looks great to me. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Umm, wow!! A king size design wall? As if that's not enough, you are lucky enough to have minions to help with getting the pieces from machine to wall. Sweet!!

  4. You have made quite a few of these postcard quilts-got a number? When sewing a bunch of strip sets last week my grandson was here and I had him help in that same manner, it worked great and he felt accomplished with his important task!

  5. How wonderful to have kids to help you with the tasks. I'm sure the die helps as well, although the cutting seemed more daunting than it was when I finally got around to it.

  6. Kids who help! YESS!! This is looking great! Thanks for linking up!


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