Friday, March 16, 2018

Basket Quilt

81" x 81"

This is a very large lap quilt! Not sure why she wanted it to be so big since it won't fit a bed. You ask, I make!  I haven't made too many traditional patterns in my short quilting history, but I do like this one. It's a fairly straight forward pattern. There are several variations I found online, but she chose this simple layout that shows off the pink flowers and brown baskets.

I ordered some extra wide backing fabric from Marshal's Dry Goods. First time buying from them. I actually bought 2 fabrics - this pink one and a gray one with a different flower print. I think they are pretty nice especially for the price I paid.

This picture in the sun was closer to the real color of the fabric.

Mint green fabric is more challenging to find. This one has tiny polka dots. Mint green is on the list with browns now. I always buy brown when I find a good one at Joann's because it seems it's not a popular color these days.

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  1. Pink and green is such a pretty combination and I love the pink inner border, it sets it off beautifully. Congratulations on a lovely finish.

  2. This quilt looks like an antique quilt and maybe your customer wanted it this size because beds were smaller back then and the 81" square would have fit? I'm just guessing. I really like the mint green fabric you used, perfect for the 30's and feedsack fabrics. I have to check out Marshalls and good to know that you ordered from them.

  3. So you approve of Marshalls wide back, can I ask what you paid for it then? Yes I think of you as a more modern quilter, but like you said the customer gets what she wants;)

  4. I really like it - I had never thought about which fabrics may be hard to find... I do like this color combo!


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