Friday, July 13, 2018

Up From Here Update

Here's where I started at the beginning of this week on my Up From Here quilt. I did some changing to the original pattern so that I could use a lot of scraps. I made the quilt block 12" and I decided to rotate some of the blocks.

And here she is at the end of the week. I had to get it all on the design wall so that I could take it all down for another quilt I've been working on. Now it gets to sit for a while....good thing it's a no pressure sew along!  If you want to join us you can get the details at HomeSewnByUs. 


  1. This is so gorgeous, Shannon! I love this color palette and the variety of scraps you've used is so fun!

  2. Let the sunshine in! I like it scrappy.

  3. Hi Shannon!! WOWEE - this looks fabulous. I just love and adore the color palette you chose. And using scraps in great but you really can't tell - or I can't anyway. I love how you a) switched up the size of the blocks, and b) switched up the orientation of them as well. This looks COOL. And it really went together quickly, didn't it?! SO perfect. Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. That is very cool, I love the design! Looks great with those colours.


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