Friday, November 23, 2018

Baby Rag Quilt

36" x 36"

This cute little girl of mine had a big hand in making this rag quilt that I started last year. She loves to sew (for a few minutes at a time anyway). Rag quilt square are perfect for this! So I asked her to sew the X's on the squares that weren't finished yet.

We worked on the layout together and then I sewed the top together and did the edge cutting. I feel like I got two birds with one stone on this project. She got to practice her sewing skills and I got a quilt finished that was sitting on the shelf!

And if you've read this far I have a treat for you! All my patterns are on sale in my Etsy shop today only for 50% off!  I'm also having a sale on bed sized quilts and baby quilts this week too.  Enjoy your holiday weekend!


  1. She did a lovely job on those X's and fabric placement!

  2. Hi Shannon! What a pretty baby quilt. I just love the colors and fabrics you two used. She did a great job sewing those Xs and she is a very cute model. I might say cuter than the quilt. Happy Happy Saturday! ~smile~ Roseanne


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