Grade 10

Exploring Creation with Biology - Dive Science - I really like this program because it can be a regular course or an honors course.  It also uses Apologia tesx or internet links for the reading.  He performs all the labs so if you can't do them at home, your student still gets to watch.

Lightning Literature and Composition - American Lit (We use this or the literature program that is in Exploring America below)

Institute for Excellence in Writing  - see notes under grade 9 below.

Truth Quest History - Age of Revolution 2 - We have a huge home library so this program works great for us.  You can see our book list here.  We read living books instead of using a dry textbook.  I have them read at least a book a week depending on the size. They also read the story line in this book.  She provides some background to each time period they are reading about.

Exploring America Complete Bundle
Exploring America (This has both Literature and History along with Bible)

1/2 Elective

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