My Old Sewing Room

Welcome to my sewing room!  I absolutely love looking at other peoples sewing rooms so I decided it was time I took some pictures and share mine too.  Mine is a combination of quilting and homeschooling.  I'm not usually one for writing a lot of words, but I'm going to try to get out of my comfort zone and explain everything!  Here is a view from the door. 

I know you're thinking it looks quite cleaned up - just'll see the somewhat messy and dusty parts in a little bit.  I do like to keep my quilting part of the room picked up and organized.  Can't say the same for my desk!  I am very blessed to have my own longarm.  I love quilting with it.  Quilting goes much faster and easier on the neck and there is no getting on the floor to pin baste!  

My husband cut a hole in our old kitchen table to lower my sewing machine down.  It's a lot more comfortable to sew this way and the flat surface is much larger too (if I did have to quilt on this machine).  

I sew with a Janome 6500.  It's a little heavy to take with me, but I love the scissor feature.  I also like that I can move my needle to the right along with my 1/4 inch quilting foot to get an accurate 1/4 inch seam.

The little table behind my sewing machine is for pinning rows together and it holds my Simplicity bias tape maker for making binding, a must have since I don't like to iron!

I had been seeing peg boards on pinterest and I just had to have one!  I hung some my ribbon on wooden dowels.  The grosgrain ribbon is on the pant hanger.  My cutting rulers are up there too except for the 6 x 24 inch ruler that I use all the time.  Thread and bobbins are right by the sewing machine so it's easy to grab.

I used to store my batting under the quilting machine, but we needed more room for another desk for school. So we put the batting in the attic (behind the little white door) and moved my fabric stash under the quilting machine.  I store the majority of my fabric in plastic stacking tubs sorted by color.  I have separate tubs for pieces 3 yards and larger, solids, multi-color, and flannel.  

I realize you're here to look at the sewing stuff, but just in case you're curious we had to separte the school desks because the kids would start talking when I leave the room.  So each of my 3 middle kids has a separate area.  This is the first one!

This cabinet belonged to my mother-in-law.  It has seem many different purposes in our house from holding baby clothes, to books, to quilting supplies.  I store my longarm thread here.  The bottom shelf has fabrics that need to be put away in the bins.  It was on the quilting machine table, but sometimes you just gotta quilt!

The bottom of the cabinet holds 10 - 12 x 12 containers from Joann's each with their own quilting project.  If I feeling like cutting I grab one of these as the fabrics are already pulled  from the stash.  My goal is to get these empty and start on some other things that are on top of the cabinet!  I wish I had another me just to sew all day.

Here's desk number 2 and a small shelf unit that holds some more projects and office supplies.

On top is my bobbin winder for the longarm.  You can wind bobbins on the longarn, but I think this is much easier and it came with my machine.  I keep a set of scissors here just for bobbins.  There is the dust I was talking about!

The school computer station is right around the corner.  Headphones are REQUIRED!  It can get noisy in here during school without these.

Desk number 3 is in the window.  And we even have one in front of mine for my 3 year old. She loves to color so we gave her a desk, crayons, and scrap paper.  This is the messy area of the room.  It's in constant use from school, blog reading, and the like! 

The cutting table is in the middle of the room, almost like a divider.  I put it up on bed risers because I get a back ache when it's too low.  I'm 5'9" and this makes it just the right height for me.  I keep a trash can at the end of the table to toss the garbage when I'm cutting.  I also put my scraps in the little yellow tub under the table to be sorted when it gets full.  The bins under the table are full of my scraps sorted by color.  I've only made 4 quilts from my scraps so far, but I consider these to be almost free quilts!

My design wall is behind the ironing board and the play pen.  Eventually the play pen will be gone, but I can roll it out of the way if I'm working on a big quilt.  Plus it keeps Emma right next to me during school.  I was undecided about showing you my storage behind the little white door.  But I like to see everything so you might too!

I store the ministry quilts in here on pant hangers.

It's a big closet.  The left side is for craft stuff.  Scrapbooking supplies, yarn, tie dye, cricut.

The left side has shelves and a set of drawers.  The drawers holds all of our science experiment things.  The shelves has the extra school books that are not in use, scrapbooks that we're working on, and larger misc craft supplies.  Okay. there might be junk too, I don't keep this as organized as my quilting stuff because I don't use it every day!

One final look from my desk.  Because we can't end on the ugly closet pictures!  Hope you enjoyed the tour of my sewing/school room!

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  1. fascinating! as a homeschool mama with 7 (one behind you) and a quilter, too, I love seeing this! makes me want to build our dream custom home even more. when we moved in, we only had 3 kids, none in school yet, and I didn't sew at all.

    I LOVE your sewing machine table. it makes me a bit sad, too. we had a very similar farmhouse table as newlyweds that we eventually gave to a younger sister when we outgrew it. now it's gone who knows where. how I'd love to have it converted to a sewing table like yours! I'm sentimental that way.

    despite your disclaimers about dust and mess, you have a very organized and clean area! you're a poster child for homeschooling and quilting. =) people assume my house must look like yours does . . . but it's not even close. we all have our own strengths, I guess. thanks for sharing!


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