Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Sewing Space

I thought I'd show you my sewing space since Moda Bake Shop is hosting a linky party!  I love looking at other peoples sewing spaces, you can always find great ideas.  My sewing room used to be the school room (which is why we have the bright colors and the alphabet up over the window).  When I got my quilting machine we switched rooms and I haven't painted yet.  The room is used for sewing, quilting, scrapbooking and doing craft projects.  Clockwise around the room:

I store my fabric in these bins I got at walmart.  They are the perfect size to store 2 rows.  The larger bins hold my pieces that are bigger than 2 yards and my multi-colored fabric.

I store my solids and mirage fabrics on this shelf with upcoming projects.

This is the kids area of the room.  We store misc stuff in the white drawers.  The little ones grab books from the green tote and read on the couch while I sew.

 My cutting area.  I lead our church's quilt minsitry and store everything in my sewing room.  I keep all the kits that are cut in boxes under my table so they are ready to go!

Scrapbooking supplies are stored behind the bar and on the built in bookcase.

My youngest loves fabric!!!  (oh how that blesses me!)  She has her very own storage for her fabric and her dolls.  I give her any scrap that is too small for me to use and no longer want.  She loves to sit here and lay out her own quilts while I sew.

I store quilt for the ministry  in the closet on hangers.  It keeps the out of the way and little hands off of them until it's time to be given away!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my room.  Check here to see more sewing spaces!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. WHat a beautiful big space!! And such bright wall colours! My son loves to play with leftover fabric too - much to his mother's pride and his father's eye rolling, haha!

  2. your daughter is too precious!!!!
    I only wish mine was the slightest bit interested in fabric, enjoy your time teaching her in your wonderful room, it looks like a fabulous place to spend some quality quilting time.


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