Monday, August 6, 2012

It's All About Reading...A Homeschooling Post

We're a crazy bunch here...all 9 of us!  I have been working on my curriculum page for you all to see!  I have all 12 years listed there.  We haven't done yr 12 yet, but I have listed what we will be doing.  We are just starting the History Revealed, Bible Quest, and Bible Discovery curriculum this month.  Others we haven't tried yet are marked.  I have searched and searched for (and tried) history and bible curriculum that fits our family.  I think these will meet our needs.

We homeschool year round with breaks for kids camp, holidays, and days when Mom just needs a break! The most important thing I think for homeschooling is reading!  If you can get your children to read good clean books, you will be teaching them all sorts of things at the same time. Once we get a struggling student to read more, improvement is almost immediate.  We use a hodge podge of curriculum each year and we read after school.  Here is our library of books by grade level.  Our favorite books at the moment come from Lamplighter Publishing.   

So hop to the top of my blog to find the Curriculum page and our Reading List.  Enjoy the rest of the Not Back-to-school Blog Hop by clicking the box below.

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