Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our School Room

Week 2 is here and so is our school room!  This is still a work in progress.  I need to paint the walls (I was thinking a light teal or maybe yellow) and we need to hang up the alphabet cards that are still in the sewing room from when we changed rooms.  I love the colors of the old room, but I don't think they will work in this room.  I would also love to hang some shelves on the wall for storing pens, glue and other little things that the little ones shouldn't be able to reach!

I am schooling 5 of my 7 children right now, with number 6 very soon to start.  The 4 big ones each have their own desk and cork board.  They store all their school books in their desk or on a book case behind their desk.  (2 of them have bookcases).

I store crayons and coloring paper in this cubbie for my little one.  She will lay on the floor and color or read while we do school.  Yep, that door goes to a bathroom.  This is an extra bedroom in our house.  Okay it's not extra...I kicked the boys out to make it the craft room, then moved that down the hall and made it the school room.  Who needs a big bedroom anyway???  I guess I do! : )

My husband has his desk in this room too.  I love this because when he is home we can visit and when I'm gone he can watch the kids during school.

My 6 yr old has a table (because we ran out of desks!) right beside me so I can keep him going.  He is not yet an independant learner like my other ones are, but we're working on it!  We work towards self teaching usually starting in the 4th grade.

My kids like to have their desk face the room.  That way they can talk to each other and get into trouble!  I like it that way because I can see all of them working (or not).   I'd like to say that we use that big chalk board on the wall a lot, but we don't.   It was given to us, I painted it and put it up there.  Makes it feel like a school room!  Hope you enjoyed seeing our room!

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