Saturday, March 2, 2013

Isn't She Cute?

This doll is so cute!  I made it for my little girl's birthday next month.  She saw the one on this website and picked the doll she liked best.  I even let her see the pieces cut.  She wanted to me make socks for it too.  So I added some that match her dress.  But then no more peaking!  (She's only going to be 3 so I'm hoping she'll forget about it!)  I cut the pieces in one day and sewed her the next morning.  It was really easy following the directions.  And this coming from a non sewer!  I only make quilts!!! It was so easy that I'm thinking of making her a skirt for her birthday too...oh no, I may be a sewer yet!  Hop on over to Make It - Love It and see the 3 dolls she  made.  They are fabulous.

I made a skirt for my doll, kinda following the directions from Make it Love it.  I'm not so good as to add sleeves or pockets.  Let's not push this sewing things huh?!  But she has directions for boys and girls clothes that would be nice to make.

1 comment:

  1. You did a great job! SO cute :) I love the idea of the socks.


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