Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Feedly - A Replacement for Google Reader

Hey folks!  I keep seeing people switching their blogs to Bloglovin and had to give a shout out for Feedly.  I tried both sites since the bad news about Google reader came out.  I tried Bloglovin first and I really didn't care for it as it was nothing like Google Reader.

So then I tried Feedly.  For me it works almost like Reader.  I have all my blogs listed in the left side and then ones that have a new post to read are darker than the ones that don't.  You can choose to see all your feeds or just the ones that need to be read.  Love that feature.  I don't have to go to each blog and then come back to find the next one.  That takes forever!   All I have to do it click on my folders (mine are sorted into categories like sewing, crafting, recipes, etc.) and I can scroll down through all the posts.

All my blogs transfered from Google Reader when I signed up for Feedly.  It was fast and simple.  If you liked Reader you really should go check out Feedly!  Here's a screen shot of my feedly.


  1. I think Feedly is going to be it for me too. I've tried Bloglovin' and it wasn't a match for me. Most recently, I tried Old Reader, but it doesn't have all the functionality I got used to with GR.

  2. I really do like the way Feedly is set up, I just wish I had a way of knowing who follows me there (or at least how many followers I have there). maybe someday...

    Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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