Friday, June 7, 2013

This one reminds me of my grandpa...

It's the fabric, not the quilt that reminds me of my grandpa. My grandpa wore shirts that were possibly Hawaiian in nature or at least had multiple colors on them.  It's hard to remember 20 years ago.  But when I saw this fabric, it looked like him.  Now after picking fabric to go in my quilt, it doesn't look like him anymore, especially the bright blue and orange!  But I still love this quilt!  I need to work on not getting better  pictures.  The one above doesn't do it justice. The one below I took under some lights in the sewing room and it looks much better.  


  1. what a fun, modern quilt to remember your grandpa by! And who can resist snooping around in a blog with a family of 9, and homeschooling! I'm impressed.

  2. I love plus quilts! Yours is great masculine colors.

  3. It's funny how good memories are sparked. What a great quilt!


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