Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Jelly Roll Quilt

This is a jelly roll race quilt (without the race) and I added the brown squares in between each strip.  I was surprised how nicely they got spread out across the quilt.  I only have 8 different fabrics in my quilt, but it really needs more.

As I was loading the quilt on the longarm frame, I decided to try some straight line quilting.   I forgot that I can't use my horizontal locks to get lines that match up with the quilt because my leaders are not straight. But that didn't stop me from trying!  I figured it out about 1/3 the way down.  Oh no! What can I do to fix this?

How about some words?  Since this is a ministry quilt, I decided to quilt the Galatians 5:22-23 on it.

This one says "the fruit of the spirit is..."



It's much easier to read it in person.  I quilted the rest of the lines freehand, 3 lines per strip.  The difference isn't noticeable.  The quilting adds a lot of texture to the quilt and it was fun to try something new!

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  1. Another cute quilt! My leaders aren't straight either.

    I read that if you pin the leaders together and roll them back and forth a few times that it may help to straighten them.

  2. My leaders aren't straight either. maybe I'll try Norece's trick. :) I like your idea of quilting a Bible verse into your quilt.

  3. What a wonderful, sweet comfort quilt. I love it!


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