Wednesday, October 8, 2014

ABC Rag Quilt Letters

I saw these rag quilt letters and thought Josie might like to play with them.  I followed the directions on her site, but when I printed out the letters they seamed too small.  And it was a lot of cutting.  So I got out my Cricut, hooked it up to my computer and got cutting the easy way!  I made my letters 6 inches tall and used Arial font. 

Some of the letters are still a bit "skinny" for my taste, like the M, W, V, and U. They flop around when you pick them up.  So if you make them, you might make them thicker as well as taller.

I backed each letter with a rainbow polka dot flannel so that Josie would be able to tell the front from the back.  She has been having trouble with a few letters getting turned over during school so I thought that would help her.  I also made 2 of each vowel so she could spell some words.  Really need to make a few more of the more used letters too so she can spell her brother's names!

Sew Fresh Quilts

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