Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Navy, Gray, and Red Baby Quilt

Last night I tried to get some pictures of this quilt with two little girls in the room. Emma figured this quilt must be for her since I put it on the floor.  She proceeded to crawl all over it, throwing herself back and forth on her tummy claiming it as hers!  I wish I could show you the scene, but I couldn't find a picture that wasn't blurry except this one:

Anyway, the block finishes at 6 inches and is made up of 1 rectangle (3 x 6.5) and 2 squares (3 x 3).  The white strips are cut 1.5 x 6.5 and 1.5 x 3.  Then just add the 1.5 in strip between the blocks and she's done.

I quilted it with a panto called loops and stars.  I used the 7 inch, but I think the quilting is a little dense and should have used the 10 inch. It might also be a little denser because of the red fleece I put on the back of it.

Another photo session this morning on the couch.  Yep, Emma was here too!  Gotta love her.

But I finally did manage to get a good picture.

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  1. Ha! It's always exciting when a little one gloms onto your quilt like that. Granted - I see why she did! I love the colors and the composition of this quilt, and am sure the recipient will love to snuggle under it.

  2. Another great quilt Shannon. Thanks for the measurements. I like the way the 3 inch blocks form a 4 patch - great colors too. Emma is so adorable. Your fabric looks so nice and neat stacked under your long arm.

  3. A beautiful finish made especially cute by the pictures with your little girl. I really like your layout.

  4. What a great baby quilt! Such meticulous piecing and quilting...and the photos are just too adorable!

  5. I've always wanted to make a quilt like this, and yours continues to make the idea very enticing. :) Nice job, and kids just make quilts better. ;)

  6. I really like your quilt and OMG what a cutie pie with red hair, that's a great endorsement for your quilt that she likes it!! Thanks for sharing the sizes of fabric to cut.


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