Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Stash Report and a Wall Hanging

I had some HST's that were screaming to be used that were leftovers from this quilt. I didn't have very many so I made this cute wall hanging.

15 x 15

I had some trouble with my longarm getting stuck in certain spots despite the fact that there was nothing blocking the tracks. This made a lot of my quilting looks like a child did it!  But I can live with it.  I don't draw well anyway, so my freehand quilting always looks a little wonky!

Stash Report

Five more quilts for the year! 2 more from the Hard to Use pile (HTU). I used some of that Kona I purchased at the beginning of the year in 2 of this month's quilts. There is still plenty of it left for more quilts. Still only a small dent in the fabric stash, but at least it's down this month.

FEB IN:  0 yards   
FEB OUT: 39 yards

YTD IN: 69.75
YTD OUT:81.0
YTD CHANGE: 11.25 out 

Yearly Goals
4/20 HTU
10/36 Quilts


  1. Wow, at this rate, you could complete 60 quilts this year! The catching on the long-arm could have been the edges of the machine bed catching on the leaders. Mine does this sometimes if I'm quilting close to them.

  2. You are doing great with your goals. I always enjoy seeing the numbers go up.


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