Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Southwest Sunflowers

64 x 64

So here is Hard to Use Fabric #4.  This one was hard because of the colors in the sunflower print.  I started out to making a square with a 1 inch border with the sunflower in the center.  I was going to alternate the yellow and the brown.  I guess I was very uncreative that day, because it was terribly boring.

Edited to add:  original sunflower print was cut at 5.5 inches, sashing cut 1.5 inches

After letting it set for a while, I decided to cut the squares down the diagonal and see what I could do with that.  Then I put 4 halfs together to form a new square, set it on point and added some of the original squares back in.  The original squares needed to be bigger so I added the cream around each block.  Finished it off with the triangles and there you go.

Still not my colors or my style, but it is better than what I started with. The sunflower print had to be used and now it's gone!  Brown meander and a matching back and binding to keep it cohesive.

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  1. YEOWEEE, I think it is really pretty, I love those colors for fall. I think it was just brilliant your method on this one, seriously I think it is very striking. I might have to try something like it some day! So what size sq. did you start with in the very beginning?

  2. It may have been "hard to use" fabric - but WOW! You've used it beautifully! I think this quilt is absolutely charming....in every possible way! Congratulations.... :o)

  3. Love this quilt! That's a really neat design, and I love your colors. Great work!

  4. Your design is amazing. This quilt turned out perfect. You are doing such a great job using up these undesirable fabrics.

  5. You really are so good at finding and making the perfect patterns for the fabrics you have. Congrats on this great finish.

  6. You are writing the quilt pattern, right? :) It would sell well.


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