Thursday, November 9, 2017

Custom King Size Log Cabin Cross Quilt

108 x 108

This is a king sized log cabin cross quilt made for a customer from my shop. She wanted a quilt based on a lap sized log cabin cross quilt so I had to enlarge it a bit. I kept the original width of the strips and just made them longer.  I found this floral print at Hobby Lobby and she chose some matching colors from the print to use for the outer layers of the cross.

It does look a little brighter in person.  The good news is that I finally got a computer ordered and now I will be able to post better pictures!


  1. Wow another monster!! You are the queen:)

  2. A very special quilt. Did you fall asleep quilting all the white?! And yeah for a new computer coming!

  3. That is a big quilt. It turned out lovely. I like that the borde matches the center.


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