Thursday, November 30, 2017

Baby Memory Quilt

58 x 59 

I have been seeing baby memory quilts on pinterest for a while, but they usually look like a t-shrit quilt. I found this one and saved it to my board. I didn't happen to save any of my kids clothes so I was looking for someone to let me try to make a quilt. My friend agreed to let me make her a baby memory quilt and she chose one that had whole clothes on it.

I looked and looked for directions or a tutorial on how to sew the clothes to the top of a quilt but I couldn't find anything to help me. So here is what I did. Instead of stabilizing the clothes, I ironed stabilizer to the background fabric. I didn't want the clothes to be ironed down.  I cut the clothes in half and top stitched them down in a matching thread.  Although I didn't cut the socks in half, they were thin enough already.

This pink dress was really too big because I couldn't quilt it with all those pleats. I quilted a couple of straight lines under the pleats just to hold it down.

I tried to incorporate some uniqueness by adding sleeves where I could. I had to cut them off and resew them to get the right angle.

I didn't sew down the ruffles on the bottom of the pants or sew some of the ends of the sleeves and socks closed.

Sewing the back of the pants to the fabric was more challenging because of the roundness on the bottom.

I quilted a heart in the inside of both coats since they opened up to the solid fabric.  I also quilted the words "beautiful baby" on the top of the quilt. I intended to quilt something by the socks, but I forgot when I got down to it.

My friend just loved the quilt and was so excited to receive it. I might make some more of these, but I will warn you they do take some time. I rearranged many times trying to get things to fit. Then added in extra fabrics to fill the holes. Next time, I think I would cut some of the clothes into squares and only have a few that are top stitched.

Have you ever made one of these?  I'd love some suggestions on how to sew the clothes to the background.


  1. Wow, you really put your thinking cap on for this one, kudos to you!! No I have never made one.

  2. Hi Shannon,
    Oh what an adorable quilt. Those little bitty socks! And the ruffles on those pants - I can see why your friend loved the quilt. Who wouldn't?! I haven't tried to make one but I think you did a fabulous job. I'm going to PIN it so others can see your good work. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Wow, this was a huge project and it turned out so sweet. You may want to check out Mary from Fleur d-Lis Quilts, she makes t-shirt quilts and I know she's made quilts leaving the sport uniform shirts intact. I applaud you for your patience, I've would have given up with the first teeny sock. I do have some of my sons baby clothes which are over 30 years old and my 8 month old granddaughter is wearing her father's red hoodie now. She's rocking the hand me down look.

  4. Your quilt turned out well. I've resisted doing this type of memory quilt. "Regular" T-Quilts, yes. 3-D Clothing Quilts? I'll leave that to you!

  5. I have never made one, but you have done a fantastic job. This is beautiful and so sweet. I love the layout you used. I wonder if you could quilt the entire quilt before stitching down and appliquéing (top stitching and stabilizing) down the clothes. Vicki sometimes does that with her regular appliqué.


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