Thursday, December 14, 2017

Irish Chain with a Seminole Border

78 x 98 

My friend started this quilt 10 years ago and asked me to finish it for her. She doesn't have much time for quilting and she wanted to give it to her husband for Christmas. She had everything cut for me already so I got to sewing.  I've never made a seminole border before so I was a little nervous if it was going to fit properly.  But it did!

I quilted one of my favorite pantographs on it called Square Spiral. It's a 6" panto. All the fabrics were Moda Marbles.

Crossing things off my to do list this week!  I'll be ready for a sewing break soon! (and pie too!)


  1. Beautiful quilt and another example of your thoughtfulness. The Seminole board would have made me nervous. Your quilting is just perfect, it adds a nice, rich texture. And you had to mention pie. Fortunately my hubby bought two apple slices at the bakery this morning so I'll be thinking of you tonight when I'm eating it. I'm ready for a sew break too but have some Christmas quilts for the grand baby to make.

  2. The border looks great with the Irish chains, along with your quilting!

  3. Nice of you to be able to finish it for your friend. Nice of her to have had it all cut out!
    Ahhh, the last 2 days have been so enjoyable-I actually enjoyed doing domestic stuff, LOL And I might have started cleaning up the sewing room just a teeny tiny bit today-don't want to rush it ya know!

  4. I really like those marbled fabrics. You did a great job finishing it for her. The border does look complicated, but it adds such a nice frame. I also like the quilting with the dark thread. It disappears in the overall quilt.


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