Friday, December 15, 2017

Snowman and a Minecraft Quilt

Customer orders are done for this month.  I am so excited to take a break for a little bit. Now it's time to get ready for Christmas! Speaking of Christmas, I got the cutest gift ever! You may recognize him from Vicki's blog. It was hard to get a good picture of him hanging in my living room since the whole wall is windows, but he looks amazing!

If you've never heard of Vicki, she is an expert quilter who has been selling table runners with this adorable snowmen on them. This is her table runner below. (She also has a pretty amazing turkey table runner too.)

She also makes quilts, wall hangings, knitted children's sweaters, and handbags. You really should check out her Etsy shop.  She takes custom orders too! Thanks, Vicki!  I love the snowman!

And I'm sneaking in a Minecraft quilt I made for a customer just to keep my records straight. You can find the Minecraft Pattern here.

Merry Christmas Y'all!  


  1. Wow what a glowing review-thank you Shannon, I think I am blushing!!

  2. What a cute little snowman! My boys would love a Minecraft quilt, but I don’t know that I have your patience. This one looks great! I love the borders.

  3. I love the cute snowman! I was actually inspired by Vicki's snowmen last year and made my mom a table runner that looks a lot like that one. It's such a cute design.


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