Friday, December 8, 2017

Custom School Fundraiser Quilt

 50 x 62

When I was asked to make a quilt using kids hand prints, I wasn't really sure how it would work.  I thought I was going to have to cut and send the fabric to my customer and then work with whatever came back.  But she asked for some directions on cutting the fabric and took care of all the hand prints using a 9" square that she was careful to cut straight. I trimmed the blocks to 8.5" trying to center the prints as best I could since she didn't have a rotary cutter.

She choose this dot print for the front, so we used matching solids to border the prints. I picked 2 of each color.

For the back she wanted this coordinating stripped fabric from the Hungry Caterpillar fabric line. I was able to match the seam almost perfectly so you can't see it! It's between a blue and a purple line. i ironed one side first to get the fold in the right place.  I used glue to iron both pieces together. Then I sewed on the fold and trimmed the seam to a quarter inch.

This sure has been a year of making different kinds of quilts. It's getting close to seeing all the different techniques I've tried this year.  Hope you're getting caught up on all your December projects!

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  1. Hi Shannon!
    This turned out great!! I love seeing all those little handprints. What a great idea, and I love, too, that the handprints have been identified with their names. I'm going to PIN this for future reference, as I might want to make this for a certain 13-week-old when he gets into preschool or even KG. So cute! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I love this quilt and you are so good at bringing it to fruition. Again, great patience on your part. And I love your tip for sewing seams--glue. The backing was perfect. You really did do a variety of quilting this year.

  3. You pulled their handprints together perfectly. Can't find the seam!

  4. Good matching the seam, I have done the same with Elmer's Glue-a real life saver sometimes. You and the customer worked well together.

  5. This is so cute and I love it! The dots, solids, and backing really show off the darling handprints. You did a great job. I’m sure it will be a big hit.


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