Grade 9

9th Grade

Algebra II 3rd edition - Saxon

Dive Integrated Chemistry and Physics - this is  done on the computer, but not online.  There are video lectures, lab demonstrations, review questions and tests.  This series of science goes all the way through high school and can use a variety of popular science books for a spine.

North Star Geography

French I - Rosetta Stone (or Spanish )

Institute for Excellence in Writing - - We have tried many different writing classes and this is by far the best.  It is also the most expensive.  But if you just by one level and learn the process, you can adapt it to any writing you want your kids to do.  I think the ability to write is very important so we continue to use this curriculum in high school.

Truth Quest History - Age of Revolution 1 - We have a huge home library so this program works great for us.  You can see our book list here.  We read living books instead of using a dry textbook.  I have them read at least a book a week depending on the size. They also read the story line in this book.  She provides some background to each time period they are reading about.

1/2 Elective

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  1. I am wondering what you think about North Star Geography? We're looking for a course that won't require five hours a week of work.


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