My Sewing Room

My sewing room used to be in the school room, (you can see the old room here) but we moved it because we needed some more room in there.  With a little rearranging of bedrooms I am now sharing a room with my oldest son.  He prefers sharing with me instead of his 3 younger brothers!  He isn't home much anymore so this works out great for both of us.  He gets his own bathroom which is a great plus for him.

It is the second largest bedroom in our house.  I love it because it has carpet and it's on the side of the house where I can hear and see everyone coming up the stairs.  Really it's my favorite room in the house.

The longarm sits to the left of the door.  I have this entire side!  The design wall is easily accessible and I have a chair for visitors in the corner.

My sewing station is in this corner in a U shape.  I didn't have anywhere else to put the ironing board, but this works out great when I am sewing.  I don't have to go far to get to it.   Under the sewing table is my sewing supplies, a chair for my "pin pullers"  ie. my little helpers, and a box for Emma's toys.

I am storing my scraps that are already cut to size under the back table.  This table is used for pinning rows together and as a workspace.  One chair for both - less furniture in the room.

This is my son's corner.  You can see the closet door and the bathroom door.  He put away a few of his things in the attic so I could have more room.  He loves his Mama!  That green and yellow quilt is the one my 9 yo made.  He wanted me to hang it in my room.  I was glad to oblige him.

It's getting empty under that cutting table!  It was full of unruly scrap bins.  But I am getting that under control.  The peg board was cut in half to fit above the table. The other half is still in the school room with craft stuff on it.  It mostly has rulers and scissors now.  Josh's dresser hides behind the door close by the bathroom.

Ahh, the view from my sewing machine!  A beautiful rainbow!  Plus I can see out the door.  I don't like having my back to a room when I am working.  I always try to see  into the room or sit sideways to the door.

We share the closet, but it is big.  I get the left side and the back.  Large pieces of fabric (bigger than 2 yards) are kept in the bins along with all my solids, a bin of multi colored fabric that I am trying to use up, and my flannel bin.  On the shelves I have fabric to be put away, fabric for future projects that I might get to, and extra batting pieces. 

I keep my side of the room picked up all the time.  I wish I could say the same of my son!  I do enjoy sharing a room with him because we get to visit when he is home.  He recently got a job with hours that are never the same.  It's hard when your oldest starts to leave the nest.  I am treasuring every minute that he is still here!

Thanks for stopping by to see my room!  Happy sewing time to all of you!


  1. Thanks for the tour. This looks like a great set-up. Looks like it may be easier to do some sneaky sewing now.

  2. What a great space - sounds like you found the ideal place for your hobby. Love the rainbow of fabric. I would also prefer sharing a room with you than 3 sweet, quiet little boys! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your son is a wonderful sport! Your room is inspiring and looks like the perfect retreat for you!

  4. Great room - and nice to share it and time with your older son too.


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