Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Quilt

Yeah!  Our very first Christmas/Winter quilt is ready for the couch!  Even got to take a picture of it out in the ice.  Yes I said ice!  We don't get much snow in southern Oklahoma.  If we do it only lasts for a day.  But this ice has been here for a week!  My brave husband walked out there so I could take this picture.  Thanks honey!  And a big thanks to my oldest daughter for all the ironing she did to help me finish this quilt!  

This is the block I used for my quilt.  I'm trying to branch out more and try new things.  The sewing of these blocks wasn't so bad...    

but the waste of precious fabric was huge!

 This is the pile of scraps from cutting off and trimming up those rectangle blocks.  Agh!  And they are little triangles that can't be used.  While I love the quilt, I will never use this pattern again.  Much too much waste. 

On a good note though, I backed this quilt with red snowflake flannel that almost exactly matches the red snowflake on the font.  Nice and snuggly!  Next year I hope to make some more.  One is not enough to cover 8 kids on the couch!  Merry Christmas everyone!!!


  1. If the triangles are to small to use I usually leave them on, it does make the quilt somewhat bulkier when quilting, but it is an added layer of warmth.
    Thanks for the picture of the block.


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