Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rail Fence Three Ways

Rail Fence 3 Ways - Okay it's really only 2 ways and one scrappy, but we'll get to that in a minute. I was getting ready to teach a few ladies how to quilt and I thought this pattern would be perfect for that, but that plan fell through, especially with Emma home!  But I had started getting ready back in October for this.  So might as well make them anyway right?  I plan on giving them to a local nursing home, so they are a smaller lap size quilt.  

The first one is a traditional layout with 3 fabrics creating 2 running strips.  Love these colors, so bright and cheerful!

The second one is three fabrics too but with the blocks laid out to form pinwheels.  This one didn't look good in the original layout.  I guess I picked the wrong color to be in the middle.  But it looks good this way.

The final one is a traditional layout with the black on the outside to make a runner.  But I cut up all my brown and green scraps to do the other to sets.  I alternated the browns and greens on each block.  Half the blocks have green on the bottom and half have brown.  I meandered on the scraps and straight line quilted on the black.  

 Making these small quilts was so rewarding for me because they quilted up so fast.  The binding was super fast also.   It's amazing how good finishing some quilts feels!  I haven't gotten to finish anything since Emma came home.  Glad to be getting something done!  Christmas quilt will be done next - the last one of the year for me!

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  1. I know your lap quilts will be much appreciated at the nursing home. I never saw with with squares before, really gives the quilt a whole new look.

    Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing.


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