Sunday, May 1, 2016

May OMG and April Stash Report

May's OMG is a stack of fabric and scraps in country colors. I went through my stash and these are the fabrics I thought would go with the scraps in the second photo.  I am adding the light tan as my background color. It's a fun pattern with 4 patches and 9 patches. I planing on making 2 lap quilts this month! Hopefully I can find enough backing for both of them. I haven't done a scrappy quilt in a while so this will be nice to get some of the scrap bins.



April Stash Report

I am counting 3 HTU quilts done this month!  The first two come from the gray print in the two baby quilts and the third is the back of the Sea Glass quilt.  I got my first custom quilt order from a friend who wanted a twin quilt made from men's shirts. And I used some more solids this month.  Seems the more I use, the more I buy.  Hmmm...trying to stop that!



APRIL IN:   13 yards   
APRIL OUT: 31.5 yards

YTD IN:  103.75
YTD OUT:  150.5
YTD CHANGE: 46.75 out 

Yearly Goals
9/20 HTU
20/36 Quilts


  1. Good luck with your goal and have fun!

  2. Looks like they will be cozy classic quilts. Great job pulling scraps!

  3. Good luck with your goals. I love seeing your numbers. I need to figure out what I'm up to this year.

  4. Oh, I agree that your scraps and the fabric will go together nicely. Best of luck on your plan. I am anxious to see where it's going.

  5. I have been trying to hit scraps lately too, but they just keep multiplying! A couple of your prints look very familiar:)


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