Saturday, July 1, 2017

June Stash Report

Every post needs a photo....this is one that I'm working on. I just got a request from a friend to make her 5 memory quilts from her husband's shirts so I have also started on that, but they are not due until Christmas so I have a while.

Fabric Usage
Oh my, oh my!  I bought a lot of fabric this month! But in my defense it was all solids and minky which I used. I did keep about half for my stash, because you have to buy several yards to get a good price.  But overall I'm still going up in my usage!

In:   40
Out:   48
Net:  144.75


  1. One of your quilts is featured on Quilting Digest today!

  2. Ahem, I can see you completing those 5 quilts in July - you are so fast! It's just so hard to keep the stash from growing!

  3. Love the rainbow you have going of HST. Great job using and tracking your stash. I gave up tracking mine this year.


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