Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Picnic Blanket

68 x 68 

Here is my picnic blanket from the Rainbow Picnic Sew Along. I chose not to make a rainbow blanket because I had some purple canvas on hand already. Sorry the pictures are so bad, I took them with my iPad. My computer has died and now I have no editing software. I am working on a 9 year old computer that has no USB ports!

My picnic blanket isn't really this dark!  It's actually very happy and sunny looking with all the light orange fabrics. I even added the tie to the back so it could be rolled up and put away. Turned out great!

You can check out Rachel's picnic blanket and a few others here.


  1. What fun colors you chose, I love the pop of orange!

  2. It looks nice and cheerful. What a cute picnic blanket.

  3. Yes, it did turn out great! The tie is like the cherry on top =)


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