Friday, August 25, 2017

Black and Green Memory Quilt

56 x 70

Memory quilt number two represents my friend's faith in Jesus. His black shirts were used along with plain white and lime green shirts. Two zebra prints in flannel were added to make this quilt shine. This is my own design based on the number of shirts she gave me.

One of the lime green shirts had a pocket on it and I thought it would be a cool addition to the quilt. I quilted around it, leaving it open since it is a pocket. I had debated quilting something on it, but with the thickness of the shirt, the stabilizer, the batting, and the flannel on back it was just too thick and wasn't going to quilt up nicely.

Just like the last quilt, she requested a note quilted in the corner. Such a personal touch. I used a disappearing pen this time, but I still had trouble knowing where I was going to go. By the fourth one I should have this down pat!

This quilt is so cozy with all the flannel. I love it just as much as the first one. Now just two more to go!

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  1. You designed the perfect pattern for the shirts!

  2. So sweet. I like how each of the memory quilts are different.

  3. You just have a real knack for these memory quilts!

  4. That is a terrific memory quilt. I like the way you did the Love Dad part, going off and coming back. Great ideas, and that one shirt front is perfect for the whole quilt.


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