Thursday, August 31, 2017

Morse Code Quilt

If you've been reading my blog for a while, this quilt might look familiar to you. I first made one of these Morse Code quilts in 2015. I have it listed in my shop, but my customer didn't like the back of it and wanted to know if I could make another one. 

Sorry it's wrinkled. I had it folded and in it's box to ship and then remembered I didn't take a picture! I found almost all the same prints in my stash. She wanted it quilted the same way also with the dashes, circles, and squares. 

 You can really see the quilting on the back. I went through 4 bobbins of thread, 2 more than normal for this size of quilt. I didn't wash it because she wants to hang it on the wall.

It was fun to do some custom quilting as I don't do it very often! Linking with Finished or Not Friday.

August Stash Report

I had a productive month but it was mostly because I had some tops done from last month that got finished this month. I also had to make some fabric purchases to finish up quilt orders, but no complaints here! I also stocked up on my solid stash and I have started using it, but I haven't finished anything yet. The rail in the hallway is filling up again with tops!

In:   67.5
Out: 76.5
Net: 153


  1. It looks great! I really like how you have quilted it.

  2. I love this pattern, have it saved and been thinking of when I can get it made!

  3. This is beautiful! The quilting and color scheme is lovely.

  4. Lovely from the pattern to the colors!!! Nice finish!


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