Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New Ironing Board Cover

My husband spent yesterday morning making me this new ironing board cover. It's wonderful! He used a half inch piece of plywood we had in the garage and cut it about 2 inches larger than my ironing board on each side. He added 1x2 boards to each side that fit pretty snug to the original top of the ironing board.

I used three layers of batting and 1 layer of canvas for the top. Then I used a staple gun to attach it to the underside of the top board. It fits on top of my original ironing board with the old cover still on. I need to make another cover for the original since it is falling apart. This new top is easily removable if I ever need to take me ironing board somewhere and it's light enough that its no trouble to move it.

I was thinking about painting the 1x2s black to match the legs of my stand since you can see it when you sit down.  It's so nice to have more room when I'm ironing.  We had everything on hand except the 1x2s and they only cost a couple dollars. I was even able to use batting scraps so that helped reduce the pile in the closet. Now to clean up the rest of the sewing room...

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