Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Gifts

I was asked to make a couple tshirt memory pillows by a friend of mine.   She already had some made and found she was a couple pillow short for her family Christmas. She wanted them quilted, so I did some straight line stitching on the front.

I really love the navy pillow because I had enough of the shirt to use on the back.

Becca asked me to make an apron for her friend. I used this tutorial here.  Considering I don't like to sew things other than quilts, this apron went together pretty easily. I wish I had gathered a little more, but she said slightly and I did slightly.  

It might have looked more flattering if I had gathered more.  Good thing it's for a skinny girl!

I am getting close to having all my sewing and quilting done for Christmas...

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