Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Rainbow Wall Hanging

16 x 24

This little wall hanging is the last Christmas gift I had to make.  I blocked out the top line that had her name on it. I picked 9 things that described her and printed the words out on paper.  I used a blue quilting pen that washes out to trace the words onto the fabric.  Then I quilted over the words.

So I learned that I need to figure out how to tie off on a quilt top without leaving knots.  They stand out too much with the red thread on the white fabric.  They are not too bad on a regular quilt. And when using the blue pen, I kept having to spray with water and iron over and over because I wanted the top to be flat.  I must have repeated that process 10 times.  I didn't want to saturate the quilt or wash it.  What do you use to mark your quilts?


  1. Nice writing!! I try to use the purple disappearing pen as much as possible. On darker fabrics I use school chalk as it wipes off easiest.

  2. This is darling and will always make the recipient smile. I use the Hera marker for general guidelines, but for projects like this I would have used the blue pen as well.


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