Thursday, December 29, 2016

Orange and Blue Baby Quilt

40 x 42 

My son helped make this cute baby boy quilt.  He started with the white polka dot print and added in the oranges, blues, and browns.  We went over his fabric selections and made a few changes.  Hew sewed the entire center of the quilt.  I added the borders and finished it for him.

I love the back of this one.  I got a wild idea to flip the strip over since I had to add the brown down the center to make it wide enough.  I think it gives it a touch of whimsy!


  1. It's beautiful! Polka dots make a quilt sparkle.

  2. Oh wow it's gorgeous, what a talented boy he is!

  3. Nice work from that son of yours;) I love doing backs that way and I almost did some this past week and then I got in a hurry and said 'Not gonna do it')

  4. You make a great team. This is super cute.


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